What do you mean by "ugly music"?

For Monochrome's purposes we're talking about a melting pot of abrasive and extreme music, drawn from the metal, punk, noise and experimental scenes. We're leaning into speed, discordance and excess. 

So is it a metal festival?

While you will certainly find a good deal of metal on the bill, let's not to let "genre" get in the way of a good time. We want Monochrome to be a broad church, welcoming folks that might not necessarily feel at home at a conventional "metalfest". 

Ugly music for all: no battle-jacket required.

Who are you?

My name's Rich. I've been involved in running Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire since 2011, and I put on occasional experimental music nights (including Mouthfeel at The Cube) under the banner of Special Measures.

Who are you shilling for?

While this is essentially a DIY event, a couple of organisations have kindly offered some support. Wiper and True, an excellent local Bristol brewery, are covering the bands' beer riders (and saving you a couple of quid off the ticket price in the process). We've also partnered with forward-thinking music website The Quietus who in turn will help us promote this new event.

Why flamingos?

Get off my back.

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